8 Reasons Political Campaigns Need Live Streaming

Sharing live video broadcasts opens the door to connecting with your community in a whole new way, making your brand more real, more relatable and more accessible. Whether streaming an election speech, a town hall, or a fireside chat, you can reach people where they are, on the devices they have on hand.  

1) Instant Audience. By streaming to Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, you tap into your existing audience to ensure high levels of viewership for your broadcast.

2) Mobile Reach.  Reach people wherever they happen to be, on the devices they have on hand.  

3) Cord cutters.  Millions of Americans are cutting the cord, depending on sites such as YouTube and Facebook for news and information. Reach people in their living rooms and offices when live TV is not available.

4) Control of Message. Avoid those “gotchya” moments that live TV can bring by fully managing your broadcast, including the interviewer, panel of voters or remote guest via video teleconference.

5) Shelf life. Rebroadcast successful live streams or make them available on demand for your constituents who were not able to see the broadcast. Quickly and easily create topic-based playlists that deep link into your video library to shed light on a particular viewpoint or discussion.

6) Interactivity.  Engage your viewers with live polling, live Q&A, remote video feeds and much more.

7) Cost of Distribution.  Streaming live on the Internet costs pennies compared to traditional television advertising, with little restrictions on length of message or time of broadcast.

8) Analytics.  Instead of relying on estimates or market share, live streaming gives you the ability to track viewers in real time – how many, location, time viewed and much more.